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  • “Who are you and why do you get to run the meeting?” Reflections on Facilitator Identity and the Management of Complex Public Disputes

    When Senior Associate Toby Berkman, as a white Jewish male, led a meeting of a Catholic congregation that had recently been informed by the Catholic Archdiocese that its church would be closing, he found himself pondering some challenging questions related to facilitator identity in complex public disputes. This situation and others led Toby and Danny Egol, former intern at CBI, to craft this article outlining their thoughts on how a facilitator’s many identities can complicate perceptions of facilitator authority, credibility, and neutrality, as well as some key questions related to identity that facilitators might explore in their work.

  • American Friends Service Committee Crafts a Strategy to Champion Dignity for All

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    For more than a century, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has taken a principled stand against oppression on a wide range of global issues. In 2018, the AFSC sought CBI’s support in determining how it could best contribute to a brighter future and in crafting a strategic plan for 2020-2030. In this article Senior Mediator Michele Ferenz talks about how the facilitation team helped the AFSC, an organization that subscribes to following the leadership of those most affected by exclusion and violence, set a compelling course for its own future.

  • Green v. Gray: Monitoring Different Shoreline Features Along New York’s Coasts

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    In recent years, coastal communities across New York State have expressed an interest in moving away from sea walls and other hardened barriers toward more “green” infrastructure to help absorb storm surges and protect coastal communities from flood risk. CBI teamed with the Science and Resilience Institute of Jamaica Bay and a range of stakeholders in developing and piloting a draft statewide monitoring framework to assess the potential of nature-based features to help coastal communities in face of rising sea levels. Read Senior Mediator Bennett Brooks’ account of the project and lessons learned about structuring a successful process on such a technical issue.

  • Cultivating Dignity in a Year of Rupture

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    If the scale of this year’s global health crisis, economic turbulence, social justice uprisings, and climate extremes indicates anything, it’s that there’s an undeniable need to move not just our hearts into a deeper understanding, but also our full selves into the work of greater change. In this blog, CBI Senior Mediator Merrick Hoben reflects on how to create spaces where meaningful and necessary dialogue can occur.

  • A High-Wire Act: Mediating High Conflict Online

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    CBI Senior Mediators Bennett Brooks and Pat Field explore how mediating high-conflict cases has changed, for better and for worse, in the new, all-virtual setting.

  • Running Public Meetings in the Time of COVID

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    CBI West Director Gina Bartlett and CBI Senior Mediator Pat Field share some best practices and lessons learned from transitioning public meetings to virtual spaces.

  • CBI Chile: Energía 2050 Project Video

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    CBI helped formulate Energía 2050, a shared roadmap for a cleaner, cheaper, and more accessible energy future.

  • Back to the Future

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    Colin Rule, recently appointed chair of CBI’s Board of Directors, speaks to the unprecedented challenges that have surfaced in our society in recent years and the importance of consensus building to finding a path forward.

  • A Time to Follow

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    After nearly 20 years, Patrick Field is stepping down as Managing Director at CBI and passing the torch to Stacie Nicole Smith. Pat reflects on his time leading the organization and why he decided to make this transition and continue his work as a Senior Mediator at CBI.

  • Leading CBI: Looking Back and Ahead

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    As Stacie Nicole Smith stepped into her role as Managing Director at CBI, she took some time to think about what drew her to consensus building two decades ago, landmark developments in the field over the years, and what this era is demanding of practitioners – and CBI.

  • Reflections on Injustice, Consensus Building, and CBI

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    It is rare that we begin CBI Reports with a statement. Since our last newsletter, COVID-19 has underscored the persistence of deep inequities in our health and economic system. Recent killings of Black Americans by police and civilians have sparked a national movement to transform the criminal justice system and root out structural racism in our society. We are not neutral on these issues.

  • Engaging Local Stakeholders in the Climate Investment Funds

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    For more than 20 years, CBI has been working with multilateral development banks and local stakeholders to address concerns about the impacts of development projects. A recent evaluation of local stakeholder engagement in the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) – a global partnership to help developing countries address climate change – has revealed some new insights. Read Managing Director David Fairman’s account of the challenges he has observed in effective stakeholder engagement and key lessons from the CIF’s experience.