Helping organizations leverage collaboration to align on purpose, goals, strategy, and governance

Organizational Strategy & Development

In moments of significant change, organizations face both great risks and the potential for significant rewards. Such changes—shifts in policies, markets, or donors; new opportunities or frictions with external stakeholders; transitions in leadership or governance—can raise hard questions. What are the organization’s goals? What’s the best way to pursue them, and who makes that decision? When the situation calls for joint leadership, staff and stakeholder engagement, CBI’s facilitators can turn diverse views from a source of tension into the fuel for shared solutions.

Examples of CBI’s contributions include:

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Convenors/clients and stakeholders consistently report that our staff is distinctive in its ability to:

  • Facilitate Collaborative Planning

    Facilitate collaborative planning by ensuring that stakeholders understand each other’s perspectives; promoting an open mindset in exploring threats and opportunities; and helping leaders balance goals and minimize tradeoffs

  • Strengthen Partnerships

    Strengthen collective impact partnerships, by helping parties find constructive ways to examine success metrics, strategies, and allocation of responsibilities and resources; and facilitating transparent, evidence-based joint decision-making

  • Integrate Learning from Stakeholders

    Promote highly effective consultation by ensuring diverse internal and external stakeholders are consulted to learn from their experience, knowledge, and perceptions of the organization

  • Advance Practical Strategies

    Ensure strategies are implementable by engaging staff in developing both strategies and implementation tactics, and outlining goals, objectives, actions, indicators, and metrics.