We are pleased to welcome new staff members Ryan Golten and Laura Sneeringer. Ryan and Laura will be helping CBI expand its presence in the West and will be working out of CBI’s newly formed Colorado office.

Ryan Margaret Golten joins the CBI team as a Senior Associate. As a mediator, facilitator, and former attorney, Ryan brings rich experience facilitating and mediating complex regulatory and technical issues related to water, land, energy, and other natural resources. To help communities, agencies, and other groups move through conflict and planning challenges, Ryan works closely with stakeholders to understand their interests, build mutually acceptable and broadly supported outcomes, and create foundations for long-term relationships and joint problem solving. She has a wealth of experience working in environments with a history of interpersonal tensions. Ryan has worked extensively in western, southwestern, and Spanish-speaking communities. She teaches collaborative problem-solving, facilitation, and mediation skills to natural resources and public policy professionals in the western U.S., in addition to national and international audiences.

Laura Sneeringer joins the CBI team as a Senior Associate. Laura comes to CBI with expertise in organizational effectiveness, including conducting workplace assessments to uncover causes of low morale and making recommendations for improvement; facilitating partnership building among different departments and agencies; facilitating strategic planning for new and transitioning organizations, programs, and initiatives; and providing coaching on individual leadership and conflict management. Laura’s experience will be an asset as CBI expands its organizational governance and strategy work. Laura also facilitates environmental and public policy decision-making efforts on a wide range of substantive topics, including land use planning, transportation, energy development, and water quality.

Prior to joining CBI, Ryan and Laura worked with CDR (Collaborative Decision Resources) Associates on public policy, community, and strategic planning issues related to water allocation, watershed planning, land management, and energy.