Long Island Solar Roadmap Released, Facilitated by CBI’s Catherine Morris

The Long Island Solar Roadmap, a new report and webmap from The Nature Conservancy and Defenders of Wildlife, shows how Long Island can help meet New York State’s goal of generating 100% of its electricity from carbon-free sources by 2040. Starting in 2018, CBI Senior Mediator Catherine Morris worked with the leadership team to ensure the Roadmap reflects input from a diverse consortium representing state, local, and county governments; the solar industry; farmers; environmental and community organizations; the electric utility; businesses; and academic institutions. 

The Roadmap lays out the potential and the strategies for deploying commercial and utility-scale solar power that minimizes environmental impacts, maximizes benefits to the region, and expands access to solar energy, including access to benefits by traditionally underserved communities. The hope is that other jurisdictions in New York State will replicate this stakeholder-informed approach to low-impact siting.

You can view and learn more about the Roadmap here.