CBI Senior Mediator Carri Hulet, CBI Senior Associate Laura Sneeringer, and CBI Senior Mediator Doug Thompson will be presenting at the upcoming Association for Conflict Resolution Annual Conference on September 18-21, 2019, in Tucson, Arizona. In response to the high level of polarization and divisiveness in our country, the theme of this year’s conference is “Healing the Divide: A Focus on The Peacemaking Role of ADR Practitioners in a Divided Society.” Doug will be participating on the “Unlikely Friendships: Power of Personal Connection Across the Divide” panel, and Laura will be contributing to the panel “Beyond Multi-Party Facilitation: Coaching to Deepen Conversation and Build Self-Awareness.” Carri, who also serves as a Climigration Network Steering Committee member, will be speaking on two panels: “Bridging the Climate Change Divide: Building Coastal Locality Resilience” and “Welcome to the Age of Climate Migration. What’s Next for Environmental Conflict Resolution and How Do We Get Ready?”

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