More information: David Fairman.

>> In partnership with Convergence, CBI convened a week-long set of dialogues between 11 senior members of Pakistan’s parliament and 14 Members of the US Congress,. The Pakistani delegation also met with other US government, business and civil society leaders.

>> CBI continues its work with the Forum for Inclusive Nigerian Development (FIND), a leadership group of 27 Nigerians committed to diversifying Nigeria’s economy and government revenues “beyond oil” for the benefit of all Nigerians. With the help of CBI and its partner the New Nigeria Foundation, FIND’s members are now developing partnerships with governors and multi-stakeholder groups to launch state-level diversification initiatives.


More information: Merrick Hoben.

>> CBI recently completed and shared publicly its dispute resolution assessment taking stock of dynamics and issues surrounding the Dinant Palm Oil — Community relationship in the Bajo Aguan of Honduras. CBI also suggested next steps for stakeholder engagement and dialogue that could leverage progress and help all parties to move forward constructively.


More information: Stacie Nicole Smith.

>> CBI completed a 2-day Interpretive and Strategic Planning Workshop with the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park and its partners, the first phase in developing a new Long-Range Interpretive Plan and Strategic Partnership Action Plan.

>> CBI helped Convergence and a diverse group of 25 national leaders in education create a shared vision for the future of children’s learning, and is now helping the group launch Education Reimagined, a national initiative to support pioneers in transforming our education systems and practices.


More information: Patrick Field.

>> CBI is working with a inter-disciplinary research team to wrap up a five year project on strategies to appropriately enhance shorelines along the Hudson River to increase their ecological function. We are especially pleased that the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve was just selected by EPA Region 2 to receive a 2015 U.S. EPA Environmental Champion Award for the team’s work on this Project.

>>CBI has been working with a consortium of wind energy producers and Fish and Wildlife Service managers to develop a precedent-setting, multi-species regional habitat conservation plan intended to balance the growing demand for wind energy facilities with the need to protect federally listed bat and bird species across eight Midwestern states.

>> For the second time, CBI facilitated the Bat Wind Energy Collaborative (BWEC) in its multi-year research agenda setting workshop at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s site in Colorado. The participants, including wind development, wildlife, and technology, honed the next multi-year agenda for minimizing and mitigating wind energy impacts on numerous bat species across the landscape.


More information: Patrick Field.

>> CBI helped the Stroud Water Research Center complete a five year strategic plan to launch in 2015. The goals of the Plan include advancing the next generation of leadership, diversifying funding sources, honing their education programs and increasing visibility of their world-class scientific research. With this Plan, Stroud seeks to advance freshwater restoration, education and science for the upcoming decade.