The past six months have seen three important developments in CBI’s Commercial Agreements Practice. The practice uses the approach we laid out in Built to Win: Building a World Class Negotiating Organization.

Working with senior business managers, we identify core negotiation processes with high potential for additional value creation, and clarify strategy and skill building opportunities. We then design and deliver a highly tailored package of training, coaching and organizational learning services to produce better bottom line results, while building and maintaining strong relationships with vendors, customers and partners.

In 2012, we expanded our reach by creating new partnerships with Movius Consulting Inc. (MCI, led by CBI’s former Director of Training, Assessment and Coaching, Hal Movius), and with CorpU Academy. Our MCI partnership combines CBI’s assessment, design and training expertise with MCI’s focus on executive negotiation and leadership coaching. Our CorpU partnership enables CBI to offer a state-of-the art on-line program, the Art of Negotiation, to a global audience of corporations interested in maximizing staff learning through a cost-effective investment. After a set of highly successful pilots, CBI and CorpU are making the Art of Negotiation broadly available to interested organizations.

In parallel, we have deepened our work in the pharmaceutical sector. We collaborate with market access and commercial leaders to produce mutual gains from market access and reimbursement negotiations, in highly regulated public payer contexts. We are currently working with two leading global pharmaceutical manufacturers to link product-specific negotiations to broader public health needs and concerns. Through training and coaching for market access teams, we are enabling more effective health partnerships with public payers, governmental health agencies, and private and non-profit health providers and advocates.

For more information, contact David Fairman.


>> Merrick Hoben and David Plumb release in-depth case study on lessons learned from our corporate community engagement work with Chevron and Niger Delta communities.

>> CBI completes a Mediation Manual to help OECD member governments more effectively use mediation to resolve concerns and complaints around corporate-community disputes.

>> Merrick Hoben chairs Ethical Corporation’s 2nd Annual CSR Extractives North America Meeting: How To Manage Social & Environmental Risk for Oil, Gas & Mining North America, held in November in New Orleans.

For more information, contact Merrick Hoben.


>> CBI and MIT are jointly awarded a two-year grant from the National Estuarine Research Reserve System to study how tailored role-play simulations can enhance collaborative climate adaptation measures.

>> Rachel Milner Gillers and Pat Field convene a multi-stakeholder group for U.S. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

>> Ona Ferguson and Todd Schenk release a working paper through the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, exploring coastal states and municipalities’ climate adaptation initiatives.

>> CBI launches a Nutrition and Wellness dialogue among major industry, foundation, academic and other sectors with Convergence Center for Policy Resolution.

>> Bennett Brooks works with CONCUR, Inc. to co-facilitate a strategic planning effort for the National Marine Fisheries Service around reducing marine mammal takes in commercial fisheries.

For more information, contact Patrick Field.


>> CBI delivers Conflict Resolution Training for the International Monetary Fund.

>> David Fairman facilitates Oxfam International Global Campaign Collaboration.

>> CBI provides strategic planning facilitation and outreach to support The Nature Conservancy’s Great Rivers Partnership.

>> CBI helps to facilitate the World Wildlife Fund’s aviation carbon management efforts.

For more information, contact David Fairman.


>> Stacie Smith helps the First Nations Tax Commission and First Nations Financial Management Board work together in responding to disputes. 

>> Stacie Smith plans and delivers courses on integrating consensus building practices into cultural heritage management.

>> CBI delivers an online negotiation training course to AWARD: African Women in Agricultural Research and Development.

For more information, contact Stacie Smith.