In response to growing threats from climate impacts, the Barr Foundation expanded its Climate program to include Climate Resilience as a key focus area to support Greater Boston communities. Barr worked with CBI to conduct a scan of current climate resilience work and potential opportunities in the Greater Boston region.

The goals of the scan were to identify municipal and regional initiatives focused on climate resilience in the Greater Boston region and to inform Barr's grantmaking activities and provide learning opportunities for the field about ongoing and new efforts to protect Greater Boston from the worst climate change impacts.

Three overarching approaches to climate adaptation in Greater Boston surfaced in the report:

  1. Building Communities of Climate Champions
  2. Ensuring Equity is at the Center of Climate Resilience
  3. Collaborating Across Traditional Boundaries

Read more about how Barr and their partners are approaching climate resilience work using those three approaches here. The final scan by CBI, Pathways to Climate Resilience: Strategies for the Greater Boston Area, can be found here.