Helping multi-stakeholder groups create solutions to complex problems

Facilitation and Mediation

Our internationally recognized mediators have decades of experience helping leaders work together to produce innovative results on complex, contentious challenges. We design collaborative processes; support leaders in creating innovative, mutually beneficial options; help resolve conflicts; and facilitate dialogues that lead to strong agreements and partnerships.

Among the many engagements where CBI facilitation and mediation have made a major contribution to collaboration success:

Our Services


Convenors/clients and stakeholders consistently report that our facilitators and mediators are distinctive in their ability to:

  • Integrate Skill and Substance

    Integrate their deep understanding of the subject matter with exceptional group facilitation skills to help advance progress on complex issues

  • Custom Design Processes

    Custom design processes to address stakeholders’ needs, and strategize throughout to guide groups toward their desired outcomes

  • Act Impartially

    Act impartially while demonstrating sensitivity toward a range of constituency interests, values, and concerns

  • Build Trust

    Help stakeholders build relationships and trust, so that they take ownership of the collaboration and work together effectively after CBI’s involvement ends