Helping diverse groups solve complex problems

Facilitation and Mediation

Our internationally recognized mediators have decades of experience finding creative solutions to contentious challenges. Through well-designed collaborative processes, we help leaders seek mutually beneficial options; resolve conflicts; and engage in dialogues that lead to strong agreements and partnerships.

CBI facilitation and mediation have contributed to a wide range of successes:

Our Services


Convenors/clients and stakeholders consistently report that our facilitators and mediators have a distinct ability to:

  • Integrate Skill and Substance

    We fuse deep understanding of subject matter with exceptional group facilitation expertise to confront even the most difficult challenges.

  • Custom Design Processes

    Our processes address stakeholders’ needs in a customized way to guide groups specifically toward their desired outcomes.

  • Act Impartially

    Act impartially while demonstrating sensitivity toward a range of constituency interests, values, and concerns

  • Build Trust

    Help stakeholders build relationships and trust, so that they take ownership of the collaboration and work together effectively after CBI’s involvement ends