California’s Los Angeles County faces unprecedented population growth, along with the housing and transportation challenges that accompany it. More than 9.6 million people—nearly one-third of the state’s residents—live, work, and play within the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s 1,433-square-mile service area. Unique among the nation’s transportation agencies, Metro (as the Authority is more commonly known) not only provides transit, but also builds and maintains the highway system. Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation (OEI) is working with the Board of Directors, staff, and the larger community to define goals and identify opportunities to ensure that Metro adapts to the changing needs of LA County residents. OEI brought in CBI to facilitate workshops with the CEO and agency executives to create a roadmap for Metro’s direction and strategic priorities forming the backbone of the Metro strategic plan.


CBI began by interviewing executives and working with the OEI to understand perspectives. CBI then facilitated three workshops to identify priorities with 16 executives who ran the major metropolitan agency. The first workshop focused on trends, opportunities, and challenges that would guide the primary goals of the strategic plan. CBI facilitated the second workshop to concentrate on refining the agency’s mission and vision, or core purpose, as a focal point for its future work. This session also identified key initiatives that would support goals. Working with staff behind the scenes, CBI brought all input into a framework to help the executives understand how the goals and initiatives could work together to shape Metro’s strategic future. CBI facilitated the final workshop to build consensus on the overall strategic focus and initiatives that would take priority over the next 10 years.


The three CBI-facilitated workshops laid the groundwork for LA Metro’s strategic plan. The OEI will now finalize the strategic plan with the Board, vet it with the public, and begin pursuing the key priorities and goals.