Almost half the world’s forests are at high risk of deforestation and degradation. For more than 25 years, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been the leading NGO engaging with companies, governments, and communities on responsible forest management and trade, as well as deforestation-free supply chains. WWF, which has frequently sought CBI’s support in clarifying its vision and ramping up its efforts, reached out to CBI at a critical juncture of internal reorganization and new goal setting. This coincided with a wave of industry and government deforestation-free supply chain commitments, as well as empowered consumers exercising brand influence. How could CBI help WWF leverage the moment?


CBI partnered with WWF’s senior Forest Goal Team to develop multiple elements of strategic focus, helping its diverse and talented staff to:

  • Maintain momentum and team unity through this leadership change
  • Update and hone programmatic work, with a focus on term outcomes
  • Explore potential vulnerability of WWF initiatives to major disruptions (e.g. climate change disasters), as well as dependence on markets and governance shifts
  • Understand current thinking toward High Impact Initiatives and what it will take to position them for success

The effort was coupled with time dedicated to staff mindfulness, meditation, and restoration given the challenges of WWF’s critical daily work for both nature and people.


With CBI support, WWF continues to lead global strategy toward measurable results in mitigating and reversing the impacts of the forest sector as a driver of biodiversity loss and climate change. This manifests in the clarity and continuance of its strategic partnerships, both public and private. Equally important, CBI has helped WWF seek a critical balance between the importance of its mission and the health of its team.