Strengthening organizations’ ability to negotiate and collaborate

Building Collaboration Capability

In our increasingly interconnected world, organizational leaders and key staff must effectively collaborate and negotiate internally and externally to advance priorities. CBI’s highly skilled and experienced staff helps organizations assess their current collaborative capabilities, design new approaches, train and coach staff, and create a culture of collaboration. Using the principles outlined in our award-winning book Built to Win: Creating a World-Class Negotiating Organization, CBI helps make collaboration and negotiation more effective drivers of organizational success.

Examples of CBI’s contributions include:

Our Services



Convenors/clients and stakeholders consistently report that our staff is distinctive in its ability to:

  • Generate Insights through Assessment

    Generate insights by interviewing diverse internal and external stakeholders, using learning from other contexts to prompt reflection, and building trust to open space for candor and creativity

  • Make Training Relevant

    Make training immediately actionable by integrating our expertise with assessment insights to create cases that help build skills and solve particular puzzles participants are facing

  • Facilitate Lasting Change

    Help advance change by offering leaders recommendations for building organizational capabilities, including coaching, advising, system structures, and more, that will ensure that changes “stick”