Negotiation can make or break your company. Whether winning a key client, making a vital acquisition, or spending less while managing risk, organizations need their negotiators to achieve better deals without wasting time or harming relationships. But if you think sending managers to negotiation skills workshops is enough to keep your company competitive, think again.

In Built to Win: Creating a World-Class Negotiating Organization, respected negotiation experts Hal Movius and Lawrence Susskind argue that companies waste millions by investing only in off-the-shelf negotiation training for their employees, without addressing organizational barriers to deploying best practices. This groundbreaking book lays out a more holistic—and less expensive—strategy, one that charges leaders with making negotiation a core organizational competence.

Read what others have said about Built to Win:

“Built to Win is one of the most important books I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to read in a long, long time about that portmanteau field … most often referred to as organizational behavior, or OB. … This book reminds me of the first time I picked up Michael Porter’s book on gaining competitive advantage or Clay Christensen’s book on innovation. … Built to Win will upend or nullify the conventional wisdom of how many organizations view and do negotiations.”

 —Warren Bennis, University Professor and Distinguished Professor of Business, University of Southern California, Author of On Becoming a Leader

“Professors Larry Susskind and Hal Movius have written an extraordinary book, a masterpiece that complements their teachings at the Program on Negotiation. If anyone wants to build organizational capacity, develop human capital, and enhance the competitive advantage that every organization needs, this is a must read book. ... Many say "we need to work together", but ... many lack collaboration capabilities, and negotiation capacity. ... With this three-phase process for building a world-class negotiating organization ... every organization can leap to greatness."

—Luis Oré, CEO of ORASI Consulting Group, Inc.

"There's more to the process than simple buying and selling. 'Built to Win: Creating a World-Class Negotiating Organization' is a guide to the power of negotiation in business. With many tips and tricks to increase one's negotiating skills in the business world, which will lead to more beneficial deals and profit for one's company, authors Hallam Movius & Lawrence Susskind draw freely from their own expertise. A business book that realizes knowledge is power, 'Built to Win' is a fine and highly recommended read for any manager."

—Midwest Book Review

"Both authors ... come to this subject as true experts. ... The authors present an alternative plan for the development and accomplishment of an effective institutional negotiating core. The essential force for this change is the institution's leadership, [and the authors present] a thoughtful and practical ten-step guide for institutional leaders to effect such individually tailored change."

— John D. Baker, Editor of The Negotiator Magazine