In December 2020, Maine launched Maine Won’t Wait, the state’s climate action plan. CBI was proud to guide the work of the Maine Climate Council as it developed the plan over 18 months with extensive involvement from people across the state. Last year, CBI senior mediator David Plumb noted that the Council’s process offers “lessons about what collaborative leadership looks like, and can achieve, on issues as thorny and potentially partisan as climate change.” Now, we’re delighted to learn that Maine Won’t Wait won this year’s Reliance & Sustainability Award from the American Planning Association—a national award to join its recognitions from the Maine Association of Planners and the Northern New England chapter of the APA.

As the APA puts it, Maine Won’t Wait “coordinates statewide action that is already seeing results” and helps “move the needle toward a more resilient future.” Find out more about Maine Won’t Wait here, and read about collaborative lessons from Maine’s Climate Council here.