Photo of Abby Fullem

Abby Fullem


Abby Fullem (she/hers) is an Associate at the Consensus Building Institute, where she works on the facilitation of multi-stakeholder engagement and mediation processes, conducts stakeholder and conflict assessments, and supports collaborative networks and coalitions. She focuses on developing and implementing equitable processes, strengthening collaborative capacity, and helping groups navigate through conflict. 

Abby became interested in environmental and land use conflicts while working on the multi-use public lands of Wyoming with ranchers and state and federal governments. She then worked in environmental alternate dispute resolution in the western United States, helping diverse groups—including ranchers, tribal representatives, scientists, and government staff—co-manage watersheds and forests. She has since moved back to the east coast and has experience with local, state, and national projects pertaining to natural resources, land use, climate change, transportation, renewable energy, affordable housing, superfund clean-ups, drought, drinking water, and community safety. 

She holds a B.S. in geology from Haverford College, where she graduated cum laude; a Master’s in city planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and a 40-hour conflict resolution and mediation certificate in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 233 § 23C.

Outside of work you’ll find Abby building community, biking (mountain, commuting, touring), dancing, and making dinner with friends.