CBI envisions a world where our most difficult challenges are solved through collaboration. We believe that well-structured collaborative processes promote respect, allow people to participate in the decisions that affect their lives, and provide pathways to wise outcomes.

We strive to be:  

Effective—We promote collaboration to create meaningful positive change in people’s lives.

Inclusive—We seek to include the voices and perspectives of all affected stakeholder groups, with balanced representation. We work to ensure that all stakeholders have the capacities they need to participate effectively, particularly those who have been excluded or disempowered in the past.  

Impartial—We work on behalf of all stakeholders participating in a collaborative effort. We respect the concerns and interests of each participant, without favoring any particular group, perspective, or outcome.

Independent—We maintain organizational and professional independence through diversity in our governance, funding sources, and ongoing relationships with stakeholder representatives. 

Transparent—We promote transparent collaboration, where goals, guidelines, and responsibilities are clear to all participants. 

Innovative—We catalyze the creative thinking of groups to generate new ideas and explore novel solutions.

Evidence-based—We support the use of credible and legitimate scientific and technical information to encourage informed group learning, deliberation, and solutions.