Photo of Mariana Rivera-Torres

Mariana Rivera-Torres


Mariana Rivera-Torres is an Associate at the Consensus Building Institute. She brings more than five years of experience as a facilitator in participatory community development and collaborative planning process. She is a firm believer in collaborative approaches to promote social, economic, and environmental wellbeing.

Areas of Focus

Mariana has a rich background in domestic and international social and environmental issues, including transboundary water governance, climate adaptation, river restoration, water and sanitation, and environmental conservation.

Education and Trainings

She has a master’s degree in Water, Society, and Policy from the University of Arizona. Her graduate research focused on U.S.-Mexico conflict and cooperation in the Colorado River Basin. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala from 2015-2017 and completed her bachelor’s degree at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Her research and professional experience include transboundary water governance, collaborative resources management, and international sustainable development.

Publications and Presentations

CLE Law of the Colorado River. Scottsdale, Arizona, 2020. Panel presentation, “Recent Trends in the U.S.-Mexico Colorado River Relationship.

Colorado River Conversations Conference. Tucson, Arizona, 2019. Panel presentation, “Evolving Approaches to U.S.-Mexico Water Management.

Science and Diplomacy Conference. Tucson, AZ, 2019. Panel presentation. “Hydrodiplomacy in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region.