Photo of Dorit Price-Levine

Dorit Price-Levine

Senior Associate

Dorit Price-Levine is a Senior Associate Facilitator, Coach, and Mediator at CBI, with a decade and a half of experience in conflict resolution. Dorit specializes in supporting teams to speak productively across their differences. Dorit has worked with hundreds of stakeholders across the country; her clients range from national nonprofits to start-ups and corporations, from regional governmental initiatives in the public sector to local communities of faith. She supports her clients by designing and facilitating collaborative decision-making processes, leading team-building and communications workshops, and coaching in management and conflict resolution skills.


Prior to joining CBI, Dorit was the Deputy Director and Senior Facilitator at Resetting the Table. Previously, Dorit lived and worked in the Middle East, primarily in Israel and Palestine. She continues to be involved in peace-building initiatives there. Dorit is a licensed attorney and has a working knowledge of Hebrew, Spanish, and Arabic.


Areas of Focus


Dorit works with teams and groups facing obstacles in their work together and helps them to overcome these challenges. She leads teambuilding workshops and communications trainings for executives and leaders at federal agencies, national nonprofit organizations, and corporations. She also designs collaborative processes for organizations to improve stakeholder alignment and organizational effectiveness. She has facilitated dialogues about contentious and polarizing topics for hundreds of stakeholders in communities and organizations across the country.

Exemplary Projects

    • International Joint Commission Convening of Community Leaders on Changing Levels of Boundary Waters in the Great Lakes Basin
    • Avodah Task Force Dialogue, Assessment, and Recommendations for Organizational Stance on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    • Grand World Management Coaching for Corporate and Nonprofit Teams
      Sonoma Developmental Center Site Assessment and Conceptual Master Plan
    • Groundwater Sustainability Agency Governance and Formation in Butte County, California
    • Resetting the Table Coaching Groups on Effectively Speaking Across Differences
    • Abrahamic House Interfaith Dialogue Incubator


The following is a partial list of clients:

Corporate & Nonprofit Organizations

    • The Grand World
    • Resetting the Table
    • Avodah
    • Abrahamic House

Institutions of Higher Education

    • Yale School for the Environment
    • Princeton University
    • Brown University
    • Harvard Kennedy School of Government
    • Columbia University
    • University of Michigan
    • New York University
    • Oberlin College
    • Smith College
    • Swarthmore
    • Colby
    • Vassar
    • Georgetown
    • Boston University
    • Northwestern
    • University of Chicago
    • CUNY Schools
    • University of Wisconsin
    • Goucher

Local Municipalities

    • Sonoma County
    • City of Sacramento
    • Monterey County

State, Federal, and International Agencies

    • California Department of Water Resources
    • NOAA Fisheries
    • International Joint Commission


Education and Affiliations


Dorit holds a JD from Berkeley Law and a B.A. in political science and Near Eastern studies from the University of Pennsylvania. She is licensed to practice law in the state of New York and is a certified mediator.